Reflection of class

by Bùi Minh Tuấn (Stuart)

This is my first design studies class of the first semester of Industrial Design Course. Throught the first difficulties I got after making my decision of transferring from Architecture Course to Industrial Design. I have never joined any class like this before. The class was in an big space. The lecture was very friendly. And I met people from different places on the world.

In this class, I learned about the “change”. At first, it was hard to understand, because what I learned, I felt it didn’t relate any thing to the Industrial Design. By the time I learned that this class help me to control my creative mind to make the change, to design the changed for the society. The way Iearned in class also change my view point of how to learn in traditional class. Students sit in class, table, desks and the lecture just stand on the board and talk, talk. In this class, I learn how to use the advantages of E studying system by using the social network as the place toexhange the knowledge, the lesson between my classmates and my lectures. It was the first time I have known how to use WordPress, Twitter. The way the lectures perform in class was great, they tried to interact with the students, they invited cake and candy to students to make a friendly atmostphere and futhermore they demonstrate a great saying in my home town “Có thực thì mới vực được đạo” (when you are full, you can learn  more). I like this change in this class.

Maybe I was the student, who joined the class after the beginning 3 weeks, so I may missed some lessons. But I also learned the new one from the other lessons. I knew how to use the infographic as a visual language to present a topic to make people understand my ideas,there fore make a new change. The next lesson I learned was how to work together with the others in a group to make the change of a problem. During this activities, I learned the way of group sharing a topic in to many sections, how to research and make a scenarios to transmit my ideas to the target audiences by visual lannguages, narative skills.

I figured out the relation ship between activism and and industrial design. The activism try to find the disadvantageous of the reality and find the better solution to make it better, therefore that become the motivation for an industrial designer work out to make a new better thing. I think in this class the target is the what society’s need,what the new trend of society, the skill how catch up the new trend of the society through social network and the way how I transfer my ideas of changing. In short, before designing something, the understanding of the chosen targets is very important and need many steps to do it

So one semester was over, in my opinion, I may got many problem and mistakes during this semester, but I think those mistakes could be the good experiences to make the change in next semester.