Selected design of Japan

by Bùi Minh Tuấn (Stuart)

Project: Floating vases/Ripple

Designer: Taku Omura

1) Innovation

Most flower vase are make in cylinder shape and put on the table for inner house use or outside uses. But nobody think about a floating vase and so futuristic and fantastic like this design. It is very aesthetic and unordinary compare to the other same type product.


2) Cultural Relevance

This design is very familiar the Japanese garden art, especially the stream, water and pond in this art. It does have the nature, flows of nature (water), simple and purify within it.


On the other hand, if counted the five elements of Fengsui, this design is special. According to the five element theory, the water born the the wood/ plant, this design doesn’t content water, but it is almost invincibly and make the illusion of water surround the flower branch as supporting the plant, overall this make the users have a feeling of purify, well being, supporting. This is special, because it look the water touch but does not touch.


3) Style

There are the factor of in and out of design for the floating vases. Bases on Ram’s principles and element of industrial designs, it contains the factors of aesthetic, simple, long last (acrylic is a very strong and light weight), and small.

This design present the characteristics of Japanese garden art also the Fengsui’s properties with futuristic and fantastic factor (floating, simply, and purify)

4) Design process

Base on the abstractive image of the ripple on the water surface, Omura made a vase from acrylic. When put it on a fist tank a water tank it will be almost invisible. There will be a very fantasy scenery when the user put the flowers on the vase, they will look like they are floating on the water.

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