Summary of The future of human spirit

by Bùi Minh Tuấn (Stuart)

Overall, the articles mentioned the how important the design in the human’s past, present and future. How it is affect the foundation, development of a nation. The articles also mention the complexity relationship between the nations changed from geopolitics, race ethnic to another form, which the design played as the main role in making the differences.

The article show a concern of the human’s future, when the new value will replace old value under the change of social, environment, technology and environment. The writer fear the human will become the past for rise of the more advance form on this world. The article provides some examples of the current achievements as the evidence of how the previous classes of designers predicted and made.  And also state the current trend of human’s future will be, where the product design, code writer and service design plays as the main reactor to form the future world.

The article ends with the statement that state the current designers are the key factor that affects how the future is, how it affect the human’s fate in the changeable future to get a right direction of our future base on the way we live at this moment.