Editorial ideas

by Bùi Minh Tuấn (Stuart)

1)The lacking of natural resource force Japanese industry have to import or putting their factory, facilities in different regions in Asia. Where it could cause environmental impacts to the local people and the environment.

2) Being one of the world’s leading design countries for a long period with only its self power. It is very hard for a foreign designer to enter a Japanese company. That may reduce the chance of Japan in a more open world where the differences between nations is more smaller than in the past.

3) The threat of nuclear war and civil war in Korea may break out any time and threat the Asian’s security and world. The question is what design could do to avoid that risk and ensure the world peace.

4) The Australian is closer to Asia than the other Western countries. It also a continental nation with its own history. The modern Australia is strongly influenced by Asian culture after its precessor Western, so what is Australia’s own design style? How can it could stand out on the world with its own design value?

5) Korea and Japan are investigating the massive factories in many South East Asian, that is a great changes for the region. But is it ensure the quality, its fame if in the future its design is influenced by local design?