Installation art _ Asian ring

by Bùi Minh Tuấn (Stuart)

Designed and build by :

Bùi Minh Tuấn (Stuart)


Industrial school



A0-A3 carton box, 0.6 mm disposal polysterene sheet, cardboard, 125 mgs paper from Melbourne Artist Supply, 0.6 mm scrap galvaninize sheet and 0.1 scrap brass sheet . Hot glue gun, double tape and heavy stapler.


This art piece present the relationship between Australiawith 7 most Australian influenced Asian countries, China, India, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia.

There are 5 ring around the central 7th golden star, which is covered by 7 Australian symbolic creatures, human, kangaroo, koala, crocodile, Tasmania devil and Emu. The rings present the culture, food, religion, language, population and geographic of the related Asian countries. At the edge of the board, there are 4 stars that form the southern cross star. The sticks on each ring look generally give the people how they twist together and make to viewer.

The meaning:

The meaning is I want to make the people interact, rotate the ring and hold to edge of the cut off on the ring you want to look,  you will see the change, with the idea of how Asian values contribute to enrich a multi colourful Australia, in different areas, and how they twist together in different levels, that show depth of the relationship I mention in my artwork.