How to balance the growing urbanizing and water security

The problem

Water security is a sensible thing to the human’s existence on this planet. The water polution is a serious ,urgent problem to our world today. But it stills happen every days, steal the life of thousand people every day, millions every years and torture the life of countless people, who live under bad condition of water pollution and the diseases, cancers within polluted water. Alongside with this problem is another big problem, the human’sgrowing population, which also be one of the main factors affect in accelerate the serious consequences of water polution. The thing need to do now in this situation is which ways can we do to stop the negative effects and get a better future for our water and ourself.


The nonstop growing population in the recent decades has made the out controlling urbanizations in many countries, from the modern countries to the the Third world nations. Especially in China, the population is estimated about 1.3 billion in 2011, while in India is about 1.21 billion in 2011 (Rosenberg, guide). Which the rapid growing rate, the demand of living places, all basic living services are the essentialand unavoidable.

Water is the most second important thing to human life after the air. Therefore, consequently, the rivers, lakes, streams, canals have become the home land of billions human on this planet. On the way of growing, the people build many dams, riverbank houses, fatories, docks along the river they live. As a result, what come in, so it will come out, where is the better place for we human to dispose all garbages, disposals than the rivers, the lakes with the belief of the water will remove all dirties and purify our living place. It is true in the past, when there were fewer people and lesser toxic wastes.

Another reason need to think about is the managing of urbanizing. In the oversize, large nations, controlling dozen millions, billion people is really a challenge to their government. To manage people’s living place is not easy. Further more, the poverties, historical background (war), natural disaster ( Haiti’s earthquake 2010) contribute to make the river security get worse. No choice, so many people will doall they can to servive, out controlling urbanization starts from there

Unpredicted consequences.

  • Countless ton of wastes stuck the river, kill almost living organism and poison all the livings along riverbank. For example, what happen to the rivers in China recently is a sign to warn the world of how we control our water and our urbanizing management. The scientists, researchers estimate about ¼ of Chinese population is lack of accessing clean water, 70% of the rivers, lakes system in China is polluted (Water pollution, pacific enviroment. Org).
  • When the water pollution become worse, it will attack the people’s health. Many toxic chemical disposal, heavy metal (Cadmium, Arsenic, etc) in water become the cancer factors. Bacterias,which grow in the polluted water could kill people with the diseases of diarrhea, infection, heppatitis, etc.
  • Futher more, the water security will be broken. People, for surviving right will fight to each otherfrom the polluted cities, to the deserts, brutal arid regions to control the remainind precious clean water. If the oil could make people make war. The water couldmake the war bigger tenth, hundreth times. It happened in Africa, the warlords of 2 clans in Somalia fought for the Warof Well, 250 men were killed. (Dying for Water in Somalia’s Drought, Washington Post). That was what happened in a poor country. What if it happen in the Modern Countries? May the nuclear activating button could be put on the desk to discuss about who use the water between the leaders when it reach the crisis point.


Put away the dark view of future, what could we do to help ourself out of this problem. There are already method of reurbanizing the riverbank citizens, factories, industrial complexes from the river, build water treatment plans to clean disposal water, educating the people, media campaign. Yes they did, but what can we do to make it more?

  • Establish new colonies

Not like the old past when the Western countries found the new continents and enslave the local people to solve their nation’s problems. The new colonies in here shouldbe the place where the water source is potential as the North and South Artic, Greenland Island, Ocean’s surface, Ocean’s low bottom, The Moon, The Mars (NASA found the evidences of frozen water on Moon surface and the the ice on Mar through the latest research of Opportunities) and Europa moon of Jupiter (Astronomers, Scientist believe there is huge ocean under theicy surface of Europa). The main thing we need to do before setting up theose new collonies are the space technologies, oceanography, industrial technology and biology, etc. There are many things that a generation can’t do, but we can’t maintain popullation forever, it will be bigger some day so preparing new homes still be better.

  • Find new energies resources

The true that we human depend on hydro energy too much to run our electric generators to maintain electrical network for the crowdy urbans. I think if people make solar energy plans, wind energy plans to create electricity, may the dam could distribute the water to where people need.

  • Birth control

It is clearly that the current birth control method is not perfect. We need new type of comdom, new contraception. Beside educating, I think people need some thing to doto reduce the natural demand of sex. Japan and Europe were succesful in reducing their birthrate, because there people are so busy to care about sex, another reason is high educated people in their countries will care more of their busines than thinking about sex. If the goverments on the world create a new type of jobs, interesting courses for their citizen, allow every body to earn higher education, they could reduce the birth rate, therefor control urbanizing in a right orbit

  • Lanscape, urbanizing plan and transportation system

It is obviously important for a far seer plan of urbanizing, by setting of plan for urbanizing,transportation system plan, zone management, the government could reduce the overload of urbanizing in a area by spreading the urbanization. Maintaining the basic service of water, electric is also a key point to ensure the life quality of urbanizing. Hence by this reduce the negative effect of unorganizing urbanization.

  • Let people join together to earn better

The urbanizing management will be successful with corporation form the urban community. Just let them knowwhat they could earn if they do. If the government show more jobs, better living conditions, better transportation system. There will persuade the people to agree the urbanizing plan.

Another point is people always prefer live at one place forever, but it a changeable world, we should be flexible. Therefore, the new living place, house which is motivable should be encouraged to develop. With this the urbanizing process could be easier to organize.

  • Weather control

Many people living in the disadvantageous region, when their house be demolished by the natural disasters, most of them will have no choice but coming to the cities. This will cause the pressure on the ecosystem of the other place. So the way we control the weather is also an important thing to maintain the organized urbanization and water security. For example: if there is a community living in an arid area and they are lacking of water. There is a way to help them by using silver iodine in the atmostphere , it could cause the formation of cloud and rain on the arid region. Another example that Japanese government intent to use in near future to prevent the tropical storm. Base on the theories of forming tropical storm, the warmer the stronger storm.”The idea is use a fleet of around 20 submarines in front of the gathering storm, each fitted with eight pumps capable of shooting 480 tonnes of cold water a minute. The submarines would dive to a depth of 30 meters and pump water from that depth onto the surface of the sea to lower the surface temperature.

Company executive Koichi Kitamura, who came up with the idea, said that in an hour a fleet of 20 submarines could lower the temperature of 57,000 square meters of surface water enough to diminish the strength of the typhoon, which needs an ocean temperature of 25 to 27 degrees Celsius to form and keep spinning. He said the scheme should be able to stop a typhoon in its track” (Plan to use submarines to subdue typhoons/hurricanes, Edward, With those controlling methods, and further research in weather controlling technology. We could ensure the stability of an urbanizing community and water security.


Water is an essential, vital part to a community, a society,  a nation and the world. An organized urbanizing plan will make the balance between human population and water security, thought there are many difficulties before. This is not only the duty of an organization, a country, it is the world’s duty to make the change. The develop countries should help the Third world countries. A secured water and a well urbanizing community could ensure the  economic, the life quanlity and the common wealth of the world and stable environment.